IMMOBILIARE & MOBILE DREAM d.o.o. wishes to invest in Croatia and is ready to invest and concede loans and credits according to the Croatian laws. The interest will not exceed 1,5%. Any person who applies can be granted funding.


Real estate management and activities

Real estate mediation

Real estate affairs

Designing and constructing buildings and professional supervision of construction site

Energy certification, energy audits of buildings and regular inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems

Purchasing and selling goods

Providing store services

Executing trade mediation in domestic and foreign markets

Representation of foreign companies

Information services

Preparing and serving meals, drinks and beverages, providing accommodation services

Preparing meals, beverages and drinks , with or without service (in a vehicle, at events and likewise) and  catering (supply of food, drinks and beverages) 

Nautical tourism services

Health tourism services

Congress tourism services

Active and adventure tourism services

Tourist services on farms, hunting grounds and in forests of forestowners and fishing tourism

Car rental Services

Tourist diving services

Body care activities


Rental and/or provision of sport and recreational equipment to tourists

Boat rental services

Cleaning services for all type of buildings, apartments, offices, business premises, equipment, etc.

Passenger transport services

Passenger transport in international roads

Freight transport in international roads

Transport of people and cargo for private use

Transportation of oil, petroleum products and biofuels by waterway 

Wholesale trade of petroleum products

Retail trade of petroleum products

Storage of oil and petroleum products

Storage of liquified petroleum gas

Wholesale of liquified petroleum gas

Retail sale of liquified petroleum gas

Electricity production

Electricity transmission

Electricity distribution

Electricity market organization

Electricity supply

Electricity trade

Natural gas production

Gas transportation and distribution

Gas storage

Terminal management for UPP

Gas market organization

Gas trade and supply

Managing the UPP and/ or SPP supply site

Business and management consultancy

Engineering, project management and technical activities

Technical testing and analysis

Market research and opinion polling

Advertising ( advertising and propaganda)

Financing of commercial affairs, including export financing on a buy-back basis with a discount and without recourse of long term overdue claims secured by financial instruments

Services related to credit operations: data collection, analysis preparation and providing information about credit standing of legal and natural persons who are sole traders

Business mediation in the monetary market

Legal counselling regarding capital structure, business strategy and similar questions as well as providing services that are related to business mergers and acquisition of shares and business dividends in other companies

       COOPERATION & INTERESTS                                                   

Immobiliare & Mobile Dream d.o.o. has extensive experience in the real estate market, green energy and works with ecological materials. We are also interested in metals and precious stones, gold and diamonds.

The company cooperates with many investors abroad, including countries like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia and Dubai.

The owner of this company also owns other international companies:

North Africa- Mediterranean Counsulting, Joker Global Service

Europe- Jolly Immobiliare Italy, Promociones & Inversiones Spain

Morocco- high quality furniture

France- furniture

Iran- marble, carpet

Italy- glass

Japan- plants

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